Invacare Transport Chair Sales & Rentals

Aluminum Transport Chair (19″ x 16″) Blue

19″ Blue, Lightweight Transport, Full Length Arms, Footrest

Invacare Transport Chair Sales & Rentals

19″ Blue, Lightweight Transport, Permanent Full Padded Arm, Fold-down back, Swingaway footrest


  • 250 lb. weight limit
  • Black Nylon upholstery, flame retardant and bacteria resistant
  • Fold-down back for easy transport
  • Painted Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Seat positioning strap


Arm Style: Permanent Full Padded Arms
Back Height: 17.5″ Fold-down back
Footrest: Swingaway footrest with composite footplate
Frame: Blue, red
Seat Depth: 15.5″
Seat Width: 19″ (16.5″ between arm pads)